Welcome to the Homepage of Composer and Music Theorist Adrian Kleinlosen.


03/15/2022: My dissertation on the topic of musical morphology has been published by Wolke Verlag:  https://www.wolke-verlag.de/musikbuecher/adrian-kleinlosen-morphologie-in-der-musik/

A score follower video of my piece »Paroxysmen« can be seen and heard on Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJcB7bHPxzs  The performers are Martin Steuber, steel string guitar, Ermis Theodorakis, harpsichord, and Johannes Cotta, percussion instruments.

05/06/2021: Listen to three of my pieces within the next two weeks:

»Jazz: Fetzen« will be performed by James Aylward this Saturday, May 8th at 8 PM (CEST) on Youtube; »Paroxysmen« will be premiered by Martin Steuber (git), Ermis Theodorakis (harpsichord), and Johannes Cotta (perc) this Sunday, May 9th at 6 PM (CEST) on Youtube. Both pieces are performed as part of the online festival »forma Leipzig 10+1«. You can access the festival via this link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1b534MFbx-k1sEXxfdWlZw , and you can find more information on  http://forma-leipzig.de/

»mv1:i-e« will pe performed on May 15th at 3 PM (CEST) as part of the Klingt Gut! KLG 2020/21 5th International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio. Tickets are available online on https://www.klg-tenor-21.de

Besides, watch out for my essay »Komponieren mit Strukturen im 21. Jahrhundert« which will be published in Musik & Ästhetik in July.

09/15/2020: You can read a conversation between composer Karin Wetzel and me on the topic of »Polytemporality in Music« here: https://www.schloss-wiepersdorf.de/de/showcasereader/polytemporalit%C3%A4t-in-der-musik.html

The language is either German or English.

08/26/2020: Listen to my Podcast on structural composing »Strukturelles Komponieren«. The language of the podcast is German.

04/24/2020: Listen to an interview between the Re:Flux 14.5 Festival in Moncton, Canada and me on Radio Reflux between May 18th and 24th @ www.festivalreflux.com/radioreflux-2020